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non-dairy industrial beverage processing

Industrial Aquaculture

Industrial Aquaculture


Distillery – neighborhood cinema


Distillery – branding history

Bosco Architects

Nauti Spirits Distillery

Prized Koi, Koi pond, aluminum grating balcony, cathedral ceiling, Maximize day lighting, Sloping roof planes, Butterfly roof, Central downspout, Princeton, Lawrenceville, New Jersey


Code review, ADA, DEP, D&R canal commission, Flood plain

Jonsdottir Gallery Frame Shop

Code review, Zoning presentation, ADA, Building permits

DTM: Dobson Turf Management

Master planning, Task efficiency audit, Efficient and sustainable oyster farming, Gear and rack layout

Sweet Amalia Oyster Farm

Reflective ceiling finish, Polycarbonate clear story, Clerestory, Construction time lapse

Media Shed

Yestermorrow Design/Build School, Instructor David Bosco, Student participation, Waitsfield Vermont

Chicken Coop

Mobile office, Mobile architecture, Mobile architectural office, Modern travel trailer, Modern interior, Silver bullet

Ba Airstream Trailer

Adaptive reuse, Restoration, Vernacular architecture, Grain elevator, Grain mill, Grain silo, Grain distribution, Concrete construction, Explosive proof, Costly to demolish, Local history, Salvaged materials,

Norma Mill Redevelopment

OSHA compliance, ADA compliance, Forklift aisle, egress maps, egress aisle,

Industrial Fabrication Shop