Ba | The Hoagie House Redux

The Hoagie House Redux

McLean, Virginia
10,000 SF

David G. Bosco was a consultant for this design / build resurrection.


This main house on a residential estate was originally designed and constructed in 1986 by “Jersey Devil” a design / build collaborative.   Immediately after its tragic destruction by a fire in 2006, the original owners reached out to the team for its redux.  Original partners and long time friends, John Ringel and Greg Torchio, reunited alongside other collaborative consultants, including Virant Design Inc. and once again reconstructed this award winning home.

While the fire destroyed a majority of the home, many salvageable elements included: the cantilevered foundation, portions of the first floor walls, the stone fireplace + chimney, and a percentage of the structural steel columns.

The rebirth of this home would once again strive to integrate design excellence with energy efficiency.

The owners requested that some minor changes be made from the original home’s design; these were mainly based on their experiences in living with the home over a twenty year period.

Some of the owner’s largest design alteration wishes included:  reconfiguring bedrooms to accommodate an exercise room, removing a guest bedroom to create a playroom for grandchildren, upgrading the original geothermal system to include in-floor radiant heat, along with cladding the exterior walls with a less maintenance cement stucco vs. cedar siding.