Ba | Sweet Amalia Oyster Farm

Sweet Amalia Oyster Farm

Cape May, New Jersey
Farm Layout 18.3 Acres
Amphibious Vehicle 35 SF

This family owned Delaware Bay Oyster Farm is growing and gaining traction within the 1/2-shell markets of South Jersey and Philadelphia.

Ba provided master planning services and permit documentation for their recent farm expansion on the bay under the (USACE)  U.S. Army Core of Engineer’s shellfish lease procurement.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service were also consulted with to address the recently adopted guidelines regarding the habitat for the endangered Red Knot bird and horse shoe crab.

Ba also preformed a “task efficiency audit” on the farms day-to-day operations and production output and has collaborated with the farm to identify and organize means and methods that can decrease redundancies of labor and increase overall efficiencies.

Together Ba and Sweet Amalia Oyster Farm have secured a $15,000 dollar 2015 Northeast SARE Farmer Grant under the University of Vermont for the: Design and construction of a low-impact amphibious vehicle for efficient and sustainable oyster farming.

Ba is presently working on a facility expansion and re-location services.