Ba | Restoration of Westland

Restoration of Westland

Princeton, New Jersey
Addition + Renovation
8,800 SF

David G. Bosco was the Project Architect for this project while employed at MHA of Princeton.


■ ”Westland”, originally built in 1854 for Caroline Stockton Dod, was purchased in 1896 by former U.S. President Grover Cleveland and named for his friend, Dean Andrew Fleming West.

This extraordinary structure has been a residence for many families throughout its history. Overtime each owner’s influence has transformed the character of this home. Its most recent owners wished to restore “Westland” to a version of its former glory while accommodating their individual lifestyle. The overall program consisted of reorganizing the spatial layouts, updating all building systems, and refinishing all building elements both inside and out.

Researching historical writings and photographs provided a means of reconstructing the home’s century old identity.

Each floor undertook minor alterations that were sympathetically detailed. The most visible alteration was the removal of the garage from the front of the home, once the President’s billiard room. A new detached garage, detailed similar to the home, would aid in creating a new front entry courtyard. A secondary entrance was re-constructed and serviced the mudroom and kitchen. The existing open porch at the rear of the home that was once closed-in, was reclaimed as livable space and became the breakfast room while enhancing the home’s traffic flow. A fireplace, pergola, and patio was constructed off the new kitchen and offered an exterior entertainment space between the home and pool.

The third floor and roof restoration consisted of the re-construction of two round dormers and a central gable that was designed to accommodate a private study.