Ba | Norma Mill Redevelopment

Norma Mill Redevelopment

Pittsgrove Township, New Jersey
Master Planning
32,000 SF

On the border of a rural township, on axis and one mile away from the City of Vineland’s downtown redevelopment corridor, an abandoned industrial complex built for the processing, distribution, and sale of grains lies dormant along active railroad tracks.

Five closely arranged building types depict the chronological order of this past development:  A small timber framed grain elevator and its metal silos, a mid-sized cast concrete grain elevator and its masonry silos, and a one story warehouse with loading docks.

As a known contaminated site, responsible cleanup will be required and will come at a cost regardless if these structures are saved or destroyed.  Imagine applying these costs toward something more than efforts resulting in generated waste and vacant land for resale.  Capitalizing on the embodied energy of these existing structures taps into the creative and vernacular character of this local history.

Looking forward, a public / private partnership could focus on a redevelopment solution that could embrace: the local community, smart planning and environmental consciousness.

All over the world there are similar successful projects to reference.  Many obtain partial funding through grants associated with “brownfield” redevelopment.  The question is not: are there incentives out there, but rather, how to discover them?

Presently Bosco Architects has taken the lead roll in: documenting the existing complex, reviewing the master plan + redevelopment guidelines, along with compiling a team of talented persons with diverse backgrounds who are capable of such a project’s aspirations.