Ba | Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop

Waitsfield, Vermont
New Construction
80 SF

David G. Bosco was a co-instructor for a two week course where as a class of students were immersed in the “Home Design / Build” program.


David worked along side his peers: John Ringel , and Tom + Yumiko Virant to create a small outbuilding that could be built on a Client’s site with 100 % student labor.  These students were busy with design studio during the mornings and evenings while the jobsite hands on portion of the class was just after lunch.

The structure was framed with local rough sawn lumber.  One of David’s signature design moves is an upper polycarbonate clearstory that provides natural daylight for the chickens as well as to the homeowner during maintenance tasks.  A small ramp and trap door allow the chickens to access the coop and provides a secure aperture for night time lock down.

The students were very excited to get their hands dirty and learn the building side of design.  The Home Owners mentioned that it was too nice for them to just allow their chickens to live in, and that they would have to have a camp-out with the kids first.