Ba | Chagoi


Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Addition + Renovation
2,500 SF

■ Bosco Architects was contracted to design an addition and renovation to a client’s recently inherited home.  The overall focus was to intertwine the couple’s interests of culinary arts, yoga, and love for their prized koi collection.  Functional desires were to reorganize the existing floor’s services to encourage: access, circulation, and frame views of the rear yard’s landscaping, pond, and proposed koi pond.

A steel + glass addition becomes the organizational “book end” to the existing residence’s reconfiguration.

The structural framework marched through the addition and expressed support for sweeping roof planes.  The roof geometry offered several design advantages:  it organized private vs. public spaces, it soared off in two directions creating spatial volume and frame views at its termination, it sheltered the balcony and lower patio from the elements, and it physically diverted the addition’s rain water into a central downspout which services a submerged cistern used for maintaining the rear garden and landscaping.

The addition’s lower level offers covered passage between the east drive entry and the tennis court to the west.  A telescoping series of glazed pocket doors open onto this covered passage, allowing the living room to seamlessly merge with the exterior patio and adjoining koi pond.  The 5,000-gallon koi pond is serviced by a submerged mechanical pit, also covered in aluminum grating, and contains many high tech systems including the ability to connect to the future rooftop thermal solar panels.  Such connection would regulate the ponds temperature during the winter months to ensure the comfort of the colorful koi.