Ba | Ba Airstream Trailer

Ba Airstream Trailer

New Jersey
87 SF

Captivated by the modern design and history of these vintage trailers, David purchase a 16 foot 1960 Airstream Pacer with ambitions of transforming it into a mobile design showpiece focused on modern sustainable design solutions.

This trailer is designed to accommodate many functions such as: an architectural office, a construction job site trailer, a recreational travel trailer, along with acting as guest quarters as an extension of his home.

Although David performed the majority of the Project’s transformation himself, he did consult over time with many skilled craftsmen who exposed him to a vast range of means and methods.

Considering that the existing trailer’s interior and portions of its structural frame were compromised David decided to fully disassembled the trailer and rebuild it to suit his projected program.  The scope of work performed was very extensive:  Removed the aluminum shell from the wood subfloor + steel chassis.  Modified / re-welded, sand blasted, and painted the chassis.  Installed new subfloor, sills, and re-connected the shell. Fabricated a retractable entry step, rear bench bumper, and LP tank assembly.  Rebuilt the windows, door, and access hatches. Installed new electric, plumbing, and insulation.  Fabricated and installed the casework, upper metal bins, and custom light fixtures.

Having a background in construction has afforded David the confidence and patience in tackling such a Project.  Ultimately understanding the limitations of materials, tools, and equipment broadens the ability to successfully design within realistic measures, which is truly where sustainability begins.